Common Data Elements

The goal of the Common Data Elements (CDEs) is to provide investigators with a “universal language” to utilize within studies. The CDEs enhance the field of pediatric research, as data can eventually be reviewed across multiple studies. The CDEs were designed within a comprehensive framework including data dictionary and manual of procedures, and have been coupled with a set of common forms. Click here >>

Common CRFs

The Common Data Forms represent forms associated with conducting clinical studies within the PPRU Network. The Common Data Forms have been designed to incorporate the data structure associated with the above Common Data elements. The Common data forms are equipped with an adaptive architecture enabling investigators to customize the CRFs in order to incorporate study specific data fields. Click here >>

Study Management

Data Management Tips

To ensure that PPRU investigators are including adequate data management procedures in a clinical trial, a template Data Management Plan is provided that describes the activities investigators must consider in handling study data. Click here >>